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Art Painting

 "Point of Views"' Triptych mixed media on loose canvas 160cmx100cm  2020. 

"Untitled"  acrylic on primed canvas 40cmx100cm 2020

'"Vercors"'acrylic on primed canvas 40cmx100cm 2020

Agnes Miccolis

Gallery Space

Power of Nature

"Points of views" illusions of who we are and where we are coming from. 

A sentence like the flow of a river the ramification of a flower, the power of the earth.

Carving the ground with her power the water designs the world like a carpenter. The vegetation takes her place in a burst of spring 

with a bloom of green.

The winds pushing the wings of dust in the mystic sun.

Lights of colour filter between thin air and rock like curtains in a theatre. 

© Copyright

 If we were defined by freedom, the steps of human kind will trace their path on the earth with curiosity, the tents of the voyageurs will converge on a camp of meeting and exchanging, the spiritual resources will be driven by the knowledge of others, languages will be learned... a satisfying melting pot.

"Ramification" Ink and pastel on paper A2 180g 2017


"Uplifting" oil paint on paper, 2019


"Breathing" acrylic on paper, 2019 

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