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The Quiet Mind in a World of Smiles

  Acrylic on canvas (23.4x33.1 inch)





" for that light in the matter how dark that darkness may be.....keep searching."

"My mind gets transported into a surreal world, where the impossible is made possible. Where dreams can become reality. A world full of never ending creation." 

"Experiences, memories, emotions, and feelings, are poured into the work I make."

"I do not create for the approval of others, I create for my own approval, hoping that others will appreciate it." 


    Transformation of the Mind

Acrylic on paper (23.4x 33.1 inch)

    Flowing Through Time

Acrylic on canvas (30x90cm)

  Tied to the Hand of Addiction

  Oil on canvas (23.4x33.1 inch)

  The Broken Cascade of Time

Polyfilla and Acrylic on canvas


      The Unpredictable Love

Acrylic on canvas (16.5x23.4inch)

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