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Fariba Zanganegh Still Life Oil on Canva

Fariba Zanganeh


 I really enjoy working with oil as a medium. Oil is for me a more classical way to represent the Art. I am inspired by Nature, family and people around me. 

Fariba magnolia.jpg


Autumn in Iraq

Fariba woods.jpg
Fariba Mountain lake 1a.jpg
Fariba flowers 2.jpg

Lake Light

Lake close adjust.jpg

 "The Cottage under the Tree" from Jacob Van Ruisdael (1628/9-1682). I am trying to make a copy of his work, it is not completed yet.

This is an oil painting of my niece Diana. I worked from a photo that I took 2 years ago.

flower basket 1.jpg

'' Flowers in a vase" oil painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir. 

I got my inspiration from flowers and Renoir , my favourite painter.

Bear with heart.jpg
lake ice 1a.jpg
Mountains 1.jpg
Field path less adjust.jpg
Fariba Roses 2.jpg
flower vase 1.jpg
Lake closer.jpg
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