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We've created this page to uplift, inspire and share what we've discovered and learned, with each other, and with you - come here, and know that none of us is alone; we're on this journey together.

"Set and believe in your own goals; set your own destiny, and try and achieve it the best you can" from Chloe

How do we love?

To love is to understand

To love is to feel

To love is to shed a tear, in a silent embrace

To love is to exchange a knowing smile

To love is to walk hand in hand, without saying a word, 

To love is a hug that feels so right

To love is to forgive and in forgiveness, accept fault, 

To love is to feel blessed for the moments shared

To love is also to let go...

And Find yourself in return

   - by Reena

My happiness

Comes from within

It's my soul that sings a joyful song

A melody that's blissful and happy

A song that echoes solely in my ears

A gentle whisper that tells

me I am a child of god

An inner tranquil space within me

A little smile that plays on my lips

Let no one take

my happiness away..

It belongs just to me

      - by Reena

"When you're doing your good - you know who you are, you know what you're doing - you know your value" (from Fatima)

He loves me he loves me not

He loves me when I an sick

He loves me when I am fraught

He loves me when I am


He even loves me when I

have shopped a lot

He loves me no matter what

He loves me he loves me not

Love is give and take

but is defined in so many ways

To honour to cherish

And to make things work

Needs patience and 


And most of all love.

   - By Reena

Love is like a mirror

It reflects your love back

Love is light

It brightens up your world

Love is a stream

It flows accepting the rocks in the way

Love is a flame

That burns deep within

Love is care

Nothing can survive without it

Love is what we need

More than anything else in this world

   - By Reena

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