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Nur Abdullah-Perkins

 We Choose Y/our Future

Creativity is every persons connection to and expression of, their unique capacity to communicate, and act to alter our shared world. 

In each creative work, I strive to learn, understand and communicate something deeper, trying different means, to awaken our collaborative drive for positive change, to dissolve the 5th wall to reach motivation.  

I believe creative means can awaken new perspectives and motivation for us to transition, together, to live real solutions for Global Quality of Life and Eco Life-Cycle Sustainability for all.

If the Planet...(could run away from us). Oil acrylic and ink on canvas. 160cm x 55cm

whole finished.jpg

I believe our lived experiences give invaluable understanding for creative work that can alter how we understand each other and our world, empowering us to change our choices, with reason, empathy and make paths that result in the best possible future for all - beyond seen boundaries, to unseen inspiration and capability.

Our Cracking Environment: Oil, acrylic and ink on canvas. 80cm x 60cm

Our Cracking Environemnt

Our Cracking


shows nature as usual, beautiful, working, keeping things clean - but the stream has burst its banks - if you look closely, this work is painted on a medium that is cracked, exposing lines of red danger beneath the surface - nature is cracking at the seams...

Our Cracking Environemnt

- if we care, we must look deeper and learn to save it, and ourselves/each other. 

Flurry/Slurry - oil, acrylic, ink, resin wood filler, and other media on MDF board 94 x 40 cm 

Flood: Rice, acrylic, and mixed media on paper - size A3



The choices we make for children, generate the future y/our children live with - sugar addiction has become normalised - we need to awaken, and transition to a 'concentrated sugar-free' goodness for all, working together with all involved, for solutions.  

palate stream.jpg

Flood: is an experimental piece, working with textured  forms and fast palate knife application of colour and thick, impasto application. A study for Our Cracking Environment

The Sound of Water/Beauty:  50cm x 40 cm:

Oils, acrylic, pastel, ink and mixed media on canvas:  

Sound of Stream

The Sound of Water/Beauty: was painted from a recording of the sound of a stream (Wales), rather than a visual source,

to capture the multiple tones and pitches, merging into a single 'music' of 'beauty'.

Y/our future: for Global Quality of Life and Eco-Life-cycle Sustainability:   

How do we experience Beauty? A question fathomed by creatives, philosophers, scientists and us all (See Pr. Semir Zeki's work on MRI's)

y_our Choices - y_our Future

 183 cm x 81 cm: Oils, acrylic, pastel, ink,, chalk tape and card on canvas:  

Y/our Future: Trying to show that different possible futures exist together in the choices we make in this current moment of time. We now have the means to thrive together globally and work within the planets eco-life cycles: this future exists at the  same time as a future that perpetuates pollution, of our minds and the planet. This pollution involves us all; every choice we make influences y/our future, what our choices do, to ourselves, others and our environment, helping or harming. Putting it right needs care, new awareness, creative thought and learning; about what is happening now and why, and how we can, together, solve it all, with positive action for change, in ourselves, and together. Can we communicate together now, to make this future?

3rd cropped clearer.jpg
y_our Choices - y_our Future

The figures are deliberately sketchy and partly attached -if people are careless they fall off, no one is left trying to bring solutions and goodness into our shared future; careful choices right now and decisions to learn and work  together.

3rd mid upper.jpg

Every part of the piece declares that the future is undecided - the present was decided yesterday - we need to decide, with every choice, now, what our future will be like.

Technical: Y/our choices - y/our future: techniques: Some figures have grasped the good we have now (e.g. clean water) and are running with it to a future (right side of work) with clean water for all. The central figures urge the viewer to help - we need us all, together, to make this happen. Everyone has their vital good to bring, to help others; lived experience, self-belief, knowledge, research, ideas; together we help each other learn, solve and transition to Global Quality of Life for all and Eco-Life-cycle-Sustainability, for us and future generations. The child with the lollipop (addictive sugar) head, lost in addictive pollution on the internet, is being helped to learn to reject this, for their different future. We are making these choices, every moment, to help or to harm.

Experimental expression: the language of creative elements can transcend barriers of 'generalisation' and familiarity - can we access the deeper awareness and motivation to act for change; can creative means dissolve that 5th wall?

Forces, light (sunset sails): Inks, chalks and acrylics on paper A4 


Through - Inks and acrylic on paper A3

abstract garden.jpg

Birch Light: Inks on paper 

birch inks.jpg

Autumn coming - Inks, acrylic, other media on paper A3

Waterscape: Inks, acrylic, other media on canvas

Autumn leaves pic.jpg
impasto waterfall.png

African Dancer: A4  Inks, pencil and acrylic on paper

Summer Field, France - A1: Inks and acrylic on paper


Autumn Birch Wood: Acrylic, ink and pencil on paper A3 sample.png

After the Storm: Acrylic on paper Inspired by Andrew Tischler A3

wave study Andrew Tischer.jpg
Sponge tree 2.jpg
sponge tree 3.jpg

Trees: Those who care for us: Acrylic on paper (sponge technique)

Summer Light - copy / study from Yushkevich Nikolaevich) :Acrylic on paper A3

Copy for study (from Yushkevich Nikolave

Village: Acrylic on paper: Inspired by J Piper and J Blockley A3

Autumn birch wood.jpg
African dancer corrected.jpg

Wateresque- A3: Inks/ acrylic on paper

leaves update.jpg

Brambles: Acrylic and watercolor pencil on paper copy from Sophie Penstone


Hills: photo collage, acrylic and inks on paper

waterfall sketch.jpg

Waterfall: Acrylic/ watercolour pencil

final test palate knife close.jpg
waterfall 1.jpg

Study for Cracking Environment: Palate knife experiment: acrylic and oil A2

Battersea park.jpg
Waterfall week 4.jpg
fabric flow.jpg
pots and plants.jpg
trees oils.jpg
Kew natural light.jpg
K maybe 2.jpg

Woodland Light (impasto experiment) -50 cm x 50 cm - Oil, acrylic and other media on canvas (palate knife, brush and from tube)

Woodland Shades: media experiment - Oil, chalk, flour, emulsion and PVA mix, inks. Palate knife, textured items and brushwork.

Shade .jpg sample.png
For previous work please see:

Somewhere flowery:  - Acrylic on plastic covered canvas - experiment with colour juxtapositions

1 something flowery.jpg

Water: Tryptic - Oil on black canvas - palate knife - after Jean-Paul Riopelle

A la Riopelle.jpg
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