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Agnès - from Brussels: BOZAR

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

During a stay in Brussels a couple of weeks ago, I read the following text written on a wall of the Bozart museum. I didn’t quote all of the paragraph, only this sentence. They were questioning some of our group thoughts: “…Bozart was already working on an artistic season built around art and health. Now the topic is even more relevant. Health is not only viruses, not only about our physical ills and pains. It is about body and soul, about our mental and social well-being, as individuals but also as a group, a family, a city.

Art in our daily lives, what cultural heritage and the living arts have to offer to society, and whether art can contribute to another, better future.

Can cultural bring people together in an age where we can’t touch each other? Can music make yourself feel better? Is art essential for our well-being? Can art heal us?”

In 10 days I will be going back to Brussels and will take a picture of the written wall; it is inspiring.

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