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Fabienne Verdier

Fabienne Verdier was born in 1962.

She is a contemporary French painter established in France after years of studies in China.

Fabienne is the first non-Chinese women to receive her diploma from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

She had started her Art education in the Superior School of Fine Art in Toulouse (France).

During the 10 years in China, Fabienne studied the Art of spontaneous painting and calligraphy.

The calligraphy was a total aspiration of abstract lines.

She wanted to understand the secret of the art of the line drawn (Trait in French).

Mastering a single line, giving it expressive and multivalent power became her life obsession.

Her new knowledge, experience and observation made her develop a unique style, a form of painting deeply spiritual and personal.

Fabienne follows the same development of many abstract American painters such as Pollock, Tobey, de Kooning...

Her works persist on the full understanding of the line, she will follow the art of Matisse, Dechaux or Degottex.

Fabienne art works could be seen has a Breath, trying to link the East and the West.

She believes that the painter doesn't copy the Nature but he reveals its lines, states and skeleton.

Her works are mainly on a monumental scale, playing with gravitation, layers and multiple dimensions of space using inks and later divers medium like acrylic.

In her creative process, Fabienne makes sure to have a daily meditation within the landscape.

" If I paint a tree, I become the tree,
I become the sea with its tides" Fabienne Verdier

Fabienne Verdier loves to work with music to give punctuation and rhythm.

In 2019, Fabienne Verdier presented an acclaimed work on reimagining Cézanne country.

I was fortunate to discover Fabienne Verdier art while living in Paris, seeing her paintings and video/documentary was very influential. She is a great inspiration on my view and understanding of contemporary Art, I hope this will inspire you as well.

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