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More on BOZAR Brussels

My intention was to get back to the written wall of BOZAR Brussels and take a picture.

So voilà!

Here are some thoughts on the question: “Can Art heal us?”

The painted wall was calling the public on many questions regarding Art and Well Being.

The questioning wall was going to be answered by some exhibitions on the matter.

I pushed the door of the Bozar museum to view an exhibition called “Danser Brut”.

Medical archives, paintings, films and sculptures give us hints on how to perceive repetitive or involuntary movements such as dance.

Art and dance are sometimes created by pathologies, unusual movements, insanity and/or abnormal bodies as well as everyday gestures.

This exhibition enriched my thoughts on how to perceive movement like the circle, or my interest on natural flows or people’s paths.

The unconscious is directly involved in creating movements in my paintings; that is one reason why I repeatedly draw circles. I think these unconscientious movements permit us to have personality and give us a kind of signature. This is the touch, the mark that gives me fluidity in my paintings, something that drives me.

We live busy lives in a society in which we do not have time to breath.

The chaotic world we live in makes us lose the ability to connect with our inner self, others and Nature.

Art can help us, and it grows with intuition, by guiding us towards personal growth and balance as long as we do not forget to listen. This is how we can heal and regenerate our spirit and soul.

We are all born with superpowers, we need to learn how to connect with them and learn how to show empathy.

It is through art projects along with spiritual practices that we can heal. It gives us the tools to heal.

Art is the way to express our feelings and improve our wellbeing.

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