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Reena Dewan

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My interest in Art began very early as a child.

Images were my favourite part of reading a storybook, as I used to read fast to reach the page with an image, relating to the scene in the book. It was a little visual treat, as the story became more meaningful and believable, with the presence of that one image.

Painting, transports me into a world of Inner Peace and Tranquillity. It's like a quiet meditation.

It gives me tremendous pleasure in creating something, that is not only unique to me, but it can also be enjoyed by others...

Art can also help with mental well being and I too 

wish to create Art that uplifts people, and makes them smile, when they look at my Art.


 Mixed Media and Collage

© Copyright
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Portrait of Gus

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Buddha traversing the Cosmos    Oils

charcoal 1.jpg
Black n White  Study of Studio 2020


Roadway To Heaven
A Reena arches.jpg
A Reena arches 2.jpg
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